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Duralabel Alternative Need a printer? The SafetyPro is an unlocked DuraLabel alternative thermal transfer printer.

The SafetyPro is more affordable, and can print to the same vinyl that you purchase for your DuraLabel Printer. If you're looking for a better alternative to the DuraLabel Printer, choose SafetyPro!

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SafetyPro 300 DPI Printer (DLP300 Alternative) $1749.00 $599.95

Quality Thermal Transfer Ribbon for your DuraLabel OR DuraLabel Pro

The makers of the DuraLabel tried to lock their supplies, but they failed to lock their ribbons. That means that our ribbons will work in the Duralabel 4 TTP, as well as in all versions of the DuraLabel Pro and DuraLabel Pro 300. Order your ribbons today and start saving 50% on your DuraLabel ribbon costs!

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DuraLabel Trademark Notice


About the DuraLabel Trademark

Graphic Products owns all rights to the trademark name DuraLabel and Duralabel Toro. The DuraLabel name is used herein to describe compatibility with DuraLabel thermal transfer printers from Graphic Products.

We do not sell supplies from Graphic Products, nor are we endorsed by Graphic Products, because we would be forced to sell our DuraLabel compatible vinyl for too high a price.

Instead, we offer the same vinyl formulation as the DuraLabel for a fraction of the cost, by "cutting out the middle-man". Buy direct and save.

Order DuraLabel Pro Supplies

We are your absolutely best source for ordering Duralabel Pro supplies. The DLP printer performs perfectly with our premium line of vinyl and ribbons. Stop hassling with other companies who require a motherboard upgrade; order supplies from us that work in your Duralabel pro and start saving money today!