Zero Confusion Policy

We do not wish to be associated with Graphic Products, the makers of the DuraLabel and owners of the DuraLabel mark, because we do not believe in their sales practices nor in their pricing tactics. We have a zero confusion policy concerning the DuraLabel trademark: we are dedicated to making sure our customers understand that the DuraLabel is a creation of Graphic Products, and that our supplies are simply a 100% compatible alternative to what we feel are over-priced DuraLabel supplies from Graphic Products.

Therefore, please note the following concerning the DuraLabel name:

1. All trademarks used herein, including the DuraLabel trademark, are the exclusive property of their respective trademark owners.

2. The DuraLabel and any corresponding logos are trademarks affiliated with Graphic Products Incorporated, located in Beaverton Oregon, USA.

3. The use of the DuraLabel trademark on this website does not suggest sponsorship or association with the trademark owner's product or services.

4. We will not tolerate confusion as to the source of our product. We are not affiliated with Graphic Products in any way. We offer an identical product for less.

5. We will comply with any reasonable, customary and lawful requests from any trademark owner, that fall within title 15 U.S.C. 1114, 1125, and the Lanham Act, title 15 U.S.C. 1051 et seq. and state and common law practices.

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DuraLabel Trademark Notice


About the DuraLabel Trademark

Graphic Products owns all rights to the trademark name DuraLabel and Duralabel Toro. The DuraLabel name is used herein to describe compatibility with DuraLabel thermal transfer printers from Graphic Products.

We do not sell supplies from Graphic Products, nor are we endorsed by Graphic Products, because we would be forced to sell our DuraLabel compatible vinyl for too high a price.

Instead, we offer the same vinyl formulation as the DuraLabel for a fraction of the cost, by "cutting out the middle-man". Buy direct and save.

Order DuraLabel Pro Supplies

We are your absolutely best source for ordering Duralabel Pro supplies. The DLP printer performs perfectly with our premium line of vinyl and ribbons. Stop hassling with other companies who require a motherboard upgrade; order supplies from us that work in your Duralabel pro and start saving money today!